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Travel Costa Mesa Blog

Assassins at The Costa Mesa Playhouse

Posted on March 7, 2014 | 10:27am | Travel Costa Mesa

From theater patron to director, David Blair has played many roles at the Costa Mesa Playhouse.  When Blair went to see a production 8 years ago, the passion and talent of the actors inspired him. He knew that he wanted to be a part of the community theater, so he auditioned for a show.  After 6 years at the Costa Mesa Playhouse, Blair has done a little bit of everything to keep audiences entertained, including acting and directing as well as duties away from the spotlight like working the box office and recruiting volunteers.


Blair is as passionate as ever about the Costa Mesa Playhouse.  He encourages the community to come experience a production at the theater.  With many talented actors and craftspeople, many of which are professional actors, the Costa Mesa Playhouse, an intimate 73-seat theater, is a hidden gem within the Orange County performing arts scene.

Since he began at the Costa Mesa Playhouse, Blair has directed many different productions, with his first being The Full Monty.  Although his background is in opera, Blair was drawn to the stage as an actor. For the current production, Assassins, Blair serves as the director and also plays the role of Guiseppe Zangara.

Assassins Costa Mesa PH

The Tony Award-winning black comedy musical written by Stephen Sondheim tells the stories of nine different assassins and eight different United States presidents.  Blair said that the production is thought-provoking and tells a side of history that is rarely, if ever, discussed. Assassins does not glorify or sympathize with the different assassins, successful in their attempts or not, it just tells their side of the story through a different lens.  Many people are aware of, or at least have heard the names John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, but Assassins digs a little deeper and introduces audiences to seven other assassins.  The show also explores how the assassination attempts was their way of grabbing the “American Dream.”

Don’t miss your chance to see this truly unique show.  This is the last weekend of the production, so there are only three shows remaining – tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon.  Be sure to request your tickets today, or call the box office at 949.650.5269.

Costa Mesa Playhouse

The Costa Mesa Playhouse has been operating for over 40 years.  The theater is a not-for-profit company and is run by a board made up entirely of volunteers.  All of the proceeds are put right back into the theater to bring more shows to the public.  This makes the Costa Mesa Playhouse a great place to see quality performing arts at an affordable price in a convivial atmosphere.  Each season, the Costa Mesa Playhouse performs a variety of productions, typically three plays, two musicals and one fundraiser show that is like a staged concert.

It’s easy to connect with the Costa Mesa Playhouse to learn more about the theater and upcoming productions by visiting the website or following on Twitter and Facebook.  The Costa Mesa Playhouse is located at Rea Elementary School in Costa Mesa.  The Costa Mesa Playhouse is just another reason why Costa Mesa is the City of the Arts.