7 Must-Try Spa Treatments in Orange County

Whether you’re seeking that solo spa retreat or a luxury spa experience with the family, Orange County is known for the very best in luxury spas.

From beachfront treatment rooms to spa treatments using organic and natural ingredients, there are so many 5-star spa services on offer in The OC, how does a spa-enthusiast know where to begin?

7 Best Spas and Massages in Orange County, California

From inland to the coast, The OC will provide you with that much-needed top spa experience. Let’s take a look at a few must-try spas across Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

Spa Montage Laguna Beach

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Spa Montage’s mission is to support you in achieving your spa, beauty and wellness goals through an exceptional palette of therapies, beauty treatments and wellness offerings – all inspired by each spa’s unique destination and accentuated by Spa Montage’s signature wellness experiences.

You’ll be able to take your wellness to the next level with their Spa Montage Elements of Wellness Retreats, which embody innovative expertise: European spa science; progressive fitness programs; empowering mind-body activities; and the best in nutrition to rebalance the body, soothe the mind, and restore vitality.

From lavish caviar facials to holistic wellness therapies, and from cutting edge fitness activities, to world-class salon services, Spa Montage offers an exquisite and unforgettable spa experience. montagehotels.com/spa-montage

Miraval Life in Balance SpaDana Point

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At Miraval, they seek out one principle: life in balance. Inside their day spa walls, you’ll find quiet reflection, life-changing treatments, and stress-relieving fitness classes. Outside their walls, you’ll find the beauty of California and the Pacific Ocean: the constantly moving, endlessly balanced waves that inspire and move us. Here, they work with you to find the right treatment, class or session for you, in this moment.

Just as no person is the same, no Miraval spa treatment is the same. Their spirit-reviving, soul-powering treatments are customized to your needs to help you achieve what you need, in the moment. In addition to massage, facial treatments, fitness and meditation classes, guests here can relax at the spa pool, enjoy lunch at the Spa Cafe, or retreat to a cozy lounge. You’ll truly be able to embrace the feeling of life in balance at Miraval. miravalspamonarchbeach.com

Aarna Spa Huntington Beach

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Aarna’s Balinese-Inspired Orange County spa sets a new standard for luxury experience and relaxation. Hotel guests and locals alike are welcomed to enjoy 5,800 square feet of tranquil space that includes the following:

  • Eight beautifully designed treatment rooms
  • A beautifully appointed couple’s suite
  • A serene relaxation lounge
  • A private spa garden featuring tranquil water feature, fire pits, and cabanas
  • Men’s and women’s facilities that provide a sauna, eucalyptus steam room, and a saltwater whirlpool

Aarna’s highly-trained team of Huntington Beach spa professionals offer a wide array of signature experiences using signature spa products to help you relax and drift away in paradise.  The spa highly recommends arriving 30 minutes in advance to enjoy their relaxation amenities. meritagecollection.com/pasea-hotel/spa

Boost SpaNewport Beach

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Lido House’s Boost Spa is a place where natural botanicals combine with cutting-edge technology to spark vitality. Designed to optimize energy, their diverse range of spa treatments are thoughtfully crafted to enliven the body, mind and spirit. Boost Spa’s intimate setting offers a tranquil atmosphere perfect for pre-wedding pampering, unwinding after a long day of meetings or simply for your own wellness. lidohousehotel.com/spa

Mandara SpaAnaheim

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In Bali, the healing arts are passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter; from father to son. Mandara Spa was founded upon this peaceful Balinese ritual. They began their spa journey with a simple desire to pass this healing knowledge on to all guests seeking solace and relaxation.

Today, there are over 50 Mandara Spas in all corners of the world, each maintaining its reverence for Balinese traditions. When you visit a Mandara Spa, you will experience the passion and belief they have in the healing arts that were learned a long time ago in Bali.

While their therapists and aestheticians bestow their expert touch upon your physical body, Mandara Spa’s effect resonates through the core of your being. mandaraspa.com

Hylunia Wellness Spa MassageCosta Mesa

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At Hylunia, you need to be free of all negative energy and thoughts to be truly happy. Consider the Spa your safe haven, a warm and cozy retreat filled with positive energy and happiness. It’s a place where you may release all negative chakra blockages through positive thinking, customized mantra meditation and yoga. Hylunia will help you dispel negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Of course, happiness is contagious. So, once you have made the personal transformation in your life, you can influence others with your happiness. hyluniawellnessmdspa.com/massage

Irvine Spa Irvine

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Irvine Spa opened in the city of Irvine on February 22, 2012, as Southern California’s top leading Korean sauna and spa, featuring its Jjim-Jil Bang theme. The entrepreneurs behind Southern California’s first ever Jjim-Jil Bang spa, Beach Spa (since 2005), came together to create Irvine Spa with a health-conscious, “well-being” concept. With the goal of mastering the ideal relaxing space where families and friends can come together to de-stress and rejuvenate, every detail was thoroughly considered to utilize quality, natural materials from the bottom up.

Irvine Spa offers to its guests five different specialized rooms that each target specific health concerns — the Fire Room, Red Clay Room, Salt Room, Forest Room,  and Ice Room — and “Four Seasons” themed rooms that can be reserved for meetings. Specifically in the services area, our top tier acupressure and massage technicians are available for a complete sauna and spa experience.  Other amenities include a Playroom for children, a cafeteria featuring outstanding Korean cuisine, and a cafe popular for its various drinks and “Bing-Soo” desserts.

Guests can expect an uncompromising level of efficacy and quality in all that Irvine Spa has to offer as an exciting cultural experience. Irvine Spa will always strive to be a forerunner in providing a clean environment and excellent customer service so that each guest will not hesitate to come back. irvinespa.com

As you plan out your spa day in Orange County, consider a few of the aforementioned must-try luxury experiences. The treatments, professionalism and pampering that you’ll receive are second-to-none and you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on anything!

Irvine Spa opened in the city of Irvine on February 22, 2012, as Southern California’s top leading Korean sauna and spa, featuring its Jjim-Jil Bang theme.