Outdoor Fitness in Orange County

Being outdoors is a great way to stay active and work on your personal health.

In Orange County, many outdoor activities are opportunities to experience nature in The OC and participate in outdoor fitness. Here are a few activities that will put your body in action while enjoying the great outdoors of The OC.

Hike in Deer Canyon Park Preserve

Venturing through the hills of Anaheim, Deer Canyon Park Preserve set visitors on a 6.9-mile loop trail through thickets of wildflowers. The dirt trails hug the slopes of the hills introducing a few rounds of steep inclines and deep climbs on the route. It’s a moderate trail for most to enjoy that will definitely keep your heart rate up.

Yoga class at iHeart Yoga

Depending on your desired level of intensity, yoga can be a calming meditative practice or a profound intense workout. In Dana Point, iHeartYoga offers classes in nine different types of yoga. A popular all-levels class is “iHeart Yoga in the Park”. The weekly class meets at Lantern Bay Park for a 1-hour outdoor session focusing on breath, balance and relaxation while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Surfing lessons with Banzai Surf School

Surfing is a fierce and fun way to get your entire body in motion. Working against the ebb and flow of the ocean requires the use of your upper body and core strength to find balance while riding the waves. For an introduction into the aerobic sport, Banzai Surf School offers both private and group lessons. These lessons work to boost your skills in the ocean and inform you about the best practices to enjoy your outdoor adventure and stay safe.

Bike through Bommer Canyon

Biking focuses on endurance and strength. Pedaling provides enough resistance to engage your major muscle groups. As you ride, your lungs and heart work hard to make sure you make it to your destination which increases your aerobic stamina. In Irvine, Bommer Canyon is a prime destination for mountain bikers. Bikers take to the outdoor trails and cut through the canyon as wildflowers, oak trees and sycamore groves cover both sides of the route.

Kayak through Upper Newport Back Bay

Kayaking is a low impact water-based activity that incorporates the entire body to maintain balance and provide momentum while navigating the water. Newport Beach has a few places to enjoy this dynamic sport. Both Upper Newport Back Bay and Newport Harbor are great locations to paddle out and enjoy the outdoors. If you would like a few tips before venturing out on your own, the Newport Beach Aquatic Center offers private lessons and weekend tours of Upper Newport Back Bay.

Stand-Up Paddleboard in Laguna Beach

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has increasingly become a fun way to stay active. From head to toe, your whole body is working to keep you afloat as you paddle your way through the water. It is not the most intense form of outdoor fitness, but it is immensely fun. Check out La Vida Laguna in Laguna Beach as they offer daily solo and group SUP lessons and tours.

Explore the trails of Talbert Regional Park

In Costa Mesa, Talbert Regional Park is another great destination to experience outdoor fitness in The OC. The outdoor space has six different zones featuring various plant life, designated to recreate the natural agriculture of the land with numerous dirt trails winding through the park. It’s a good location to bike, hike and explore the natural wonders of Orange County.

Outdoor fitness can be found throughout The OC. From hillside hiking trails to oceanfront activities, exercising outside is a nice change from the gym and adds more variety to your workout routine. With California’s ideal weather, you can explore the outdoors and work on your fitness all year-round in Orange County.

In Dana Point, iHeartYoga offers classes in nine different types of yoga. A popular all-levels class is “iHeart Yoga in the Park”.