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The Ram

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Tour Aux Jambes

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Night Shift

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Four Lines Oblique Gyratory Square IV Image

Four Lines Oblique Gyratory Square IV

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Reclining Figure

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Fire Bird Image

Fire Bird

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Connector Image


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Utsurohi 91

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California Scenario (Noguchi Garden) Image

California Scenario (Noguchi Garden)

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DAX Gallery

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January 2017

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Elizabeth and Henry Segerstrom commissioned Richard Serra to create Connector in 2006 as the highly visible focal point for the newly expanded Segerstrom Center for the Arts (formerly called Orange County Performing Arts Center). Located closest to the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, the 65-feet-high, 360-ton sculpture of weathered steel is the tallest of Richard Serra’s works to date, and is set on a pentagonal ground plan.

Constructed of five torqued steel plates that were fabricated in Siegen, Germany, the sculpture was assembled on site, rising from a 20-foot position at its base to a 4-foot opening at its top. This challenging and innovative sculpture serves the symbolic function of a unifying centerpiece for the grounds of Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


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