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Blackmarket Bakery

2937 Bristol Street, Suite D-100A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Blackmarket Bakery has a simple slogan – “powered by butter.” Pasty Chef, and Chopped winner, Rachel Klemek believes that the bedrock of the pastry world is made of butter, flour, sugar and eggs.  The bakery name is derived from the rationing of these items during World War II, when bakers were forced to purchase these items off the “black market.”

Blackmarket produces homemade, mouth-watering tarts, cakes, pastries, breads, toasted sandwiches along with confections. The location at the CAMP offers lovers of baked good a great space to enjoy their delectable goods.

Along with the bakery items, two and three-tiered cakes for special occasions can be ordered. Everything at Blackmarket is made from scratch with no artificial flavoring, additives or preservatives.

The philosophy at Blackmarket Bakery may be simple, but the handmade goods and flavors are rather complex. 



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