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California Shabu Shabu

801 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


California Shabu-Shabu was the first of its kind in Orange County. Using only the freshest, healthiest and highest quality ingredients, California Shabu-Shabu promotes healthy eating without compromising on taste. Shabu-Shabu is a unique, fun and hands-on experience as guests cook their own food in a pot at their table.  

"Shabu-Shabu" is derived from and translates to "swish-swish" in reference to the sound created from cooking meat in the pot. Specialties include homemade ponzu, goma and teriyaki sauces and an assortment of daily-prepared condiments.

California Shabu-Shabu satisfies not just taste, but sight as well with walls adorned with original artwork and their steel cherry blossom wall partition.  It is an amazing combination of food, fun and art.  



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