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Casablanca The Restaurant

Casablanca The Restaurant

1976 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627


A Superb North African (Algerian-Moroccan) and West Mediterranean Fusion refined with Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy) and Magreb Cuisine. As a small child the owner's love of food was born as he watched the family meals being prepared with love. After living on four continents and visiting over 30 countries he put his experience and love of food together to create Casablance The Restaurant. There are only a couple of restaurants inTagine Cooking in Southern California that do Tagine cooking. Tagine is a clay pot with a cone shaped lid, that keeps the food super moist and is widely used in the middle east. Some of their more popular dishes include the honey roasted lamb (Maghreb), Valencia Palla, and couscous Royal.

Open for dinner Tuesday - Sunday. Belly Dancers Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.



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