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Fermentation Farm

Fermentation Farm

1125 Victoria Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Fermentation Farm is not a farm; instead a retail store and eatery that was founded by Dr. Yasmine Mason with a fundamental belief that a "Healthy Gut = Healthy Life". Their focus is handcrafted fermented foods and drinks with a goal is to bring back traditional foods from the past that are high in nutrients such as probiotics, B vitamins, electrolytes, collagen, and minerals. Enjoy fermented drinks like kombucha, plus brewed sodas, organic bone broth, plus yogurts and kefir grains. 

Fermentation Farm is also a top-rated eatery in the entire state of California, according to Yelp's 2022 Top 100 restaurants landing at #3 in the US on the list.  

Serving breakfast (served until 11), lunch and dinner or grab-and-go. Don't miss Taco Tuesday with delights like Duck + Mole Taco, Kimichi Quesadilla.

In addition to great food - they offer classes on various topics surrounding fermentation. FermFarm serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including weekend brunch! From the food menu find a variety of chili, ramen and soup, plus try unique dishes like (saur)Kraut grilled chese, pickled egg toast, wild-caught tuna, date bites and even flourless chocolate cake.


Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm

Sat/Sun 9 am - 4 pm



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