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Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen

665 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 557-6699

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen is a small shop located inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace, part of a famous Japanese chain with just 12 U.S. locations. It was in the 1980s that Santouka took its first steps toward ramen excellence and began to draw attention with its shio ramen served with a small, pickled plum in a unique round bowl. Originally, it was the only thing on the menu. Even today, Santouka only offers ramen in a few different broths, with select toppings.

The tonkotsu soup carefully cooked at low temperature in advance is seasoned with just the right amount of salt to make it delicious to the last drop. Locals love the “shio” (salt) ramen and with katamen, flat noodles. Toroniku ramen is their signature ramen, which has the toppings served separately. Toroniku cha-shu is simmered pork cheek meat. 


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