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1500 Adams Ave, Unit 100B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Holé Smokes is Costa Mesa's newest barbecue spot opening summer 2023. HoléSmokes is owned by Ian Bason, a second-generation restaurateur who grew up working for
his family’s Mexican restaurant Holé Molé, and Chef Dan Ramon, a Texas native and BBQ enthusiast. Designed with Bason’s experience and Ramon’s desire to find the best Texas barbecue, HoléSmokes will offer smoked ribs, chicken and beef brisket smoked in house daily using pecan and oak wood imported from Texas and Oklahoma. Adhering to a strict brisket recipe and boasting made-from-scratch sauces, sides and spice rubs, HoléSmokes will bring the Lone Star State’s barbecue traditions to Costa Mesa this summer.


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