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Portola Coffee Lab

Portola Coffee Lab

3313 Hyland Ave, Suite B2, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


A real experience in coffee chemistry, this whimsical coffee shop in The OC Mix modeled after a laboratory is mixing up award-winning coffee drinks. Portola Roasters' flagship coffeehouse & roastery was one of the original stalls of this SoCo Collection food hall.  In addition to a full menu of specialty coffee drinks, Portola offers breakfast, light lunch and freshly made pastries. Portola Coffee Lab is named after explorer Graspar de Portola, who traveled the coast of California and became the founder and first governor of Alta California. From the farm, to Portola's roasters to the Lab, the master baristas at Portola obsess over the process of brewing coffee every step of the way.


Jeff Duggan, Portola's founder, realized that far too many great beans were destroyed at the hands of poor equipment, flawed technique, and coffee storage dispensers. To further his brewing science, which continues to be underestimated in the industry, Jeff and his wife, Christa, created Portola Coffee Lab in 2011. The goal was to create a 100% single-cup, craft brew coffeehouse using the freshest beans and organic product sourced responsibly.


Portola Coffee Lab is a chemistry lab come to life. With star baristas wearing lab coats and brewing in glass beakers, you'll see a display of high-end tools such as density meters, moisture meters, refractometers, laser calorimeters and water-testing kits.

Portola has been winning awards for its Portola Coffee has created a distinct brand that revolves around producing an artisanal craft coffee.


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