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Salt & Lime

350 E 17th St #2, Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Salt & Lime stands out as a chef-led, fast-casual taqueria, reimagining the classic taco with a modern twist. The artful balance of diverse textures and complementing flavors, enveloped in handcrafted blue corn and flour tortillas, is nothing short of extraordinary. These tacos diverge from traditional Mexican fare, drawing inspiration from global cuisines and seasonal influences, ensuring a menu that ie constantly changing and consistently intriguing.

Beyond the menu, Salt & Lime's ambiance evokes the serene beauty of Tulum, Mexico, with woven lighting, lush foliage, vibrant tiles, and carefully curated artwork.

Whether you're enjoying the patio or savoring an intimate meal on the mezzanine, Salt & Lime promises an unmatched experience marked by exceptional hospitality, delicious chef-crafted tacos, and refreshing beverages suitable for any occasion.


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