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Segerstrom Pioneering Spirit: An American Dream

Segerstrom Pioneering Spirit: An American Dream

Start Date: June 13, 2017
End Date: July 31, 2017
Start Time: various
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South Coast Plaza, 3333 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA
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Event Description

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration in 2017, South Coast Plaza presents “Segerstrom Pioneering Spirit: An American Dream” in Jewel Court from June 13 to July 31. The historical exhibit tells the story of how the family of C.J. and Bertha Segerstrom immigrated to the U.S. from Sweden and established C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, an agricultural and commercial real estate enterprise in Southern California. The family developed South Coast Plaza, one of the world’s leading luxury destinations for shopping and dining. They played a significant role in establishing the renowned Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

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