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Discovery Cube Orange County

2500 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92705

Discovery Cube Orange County is an interactive museum with more than 100 exhibits that are designed to inspire children's natural curiosity about science. Ever since it opened to the public on December 17, 1998, the 59,000 sq. ft. facility has become famous for its unique 10-story solar array cube that appears to balance precariously on only one of the cube’s corners. Discovery Cube Orange County is located at the intersection of Main Street and I-5 near Santa Ana’s Civic Center.

Discovery Cube Orange County contains several themed areas such as Discovery Stadium, Techno Arts, Air & Space, Perception, Dynamic Earth, Quake Zone, the Digital Lab and KidStation. The most popular permanent exhibits include Flight Simulator where people can experience simulated flights and test their flying skills, and a Pitching Cage that tests how hard people can throw. Other exhibits include the Shake Shack for experiencing simulated historic earthquakes, a Rock Wall for climbing and Bed of Nails for people who wish to test their own endurance by lying on a bed of 3,500 sharp steel nails.



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