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Spatio Virtuo Teatro

Spatio Virtuo Teatro

655 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626

Los Angeles artist Jason Meadows’ Spatio Virtuo Teatro presents a collective of three individual artworks staggered throughout South Coast Repertory’s terrace. Created in 2006, the painted steel sculptures – The Storyteller, Upstage/Downstage and Herald – offer theatergoers a visual representation of their experiences within the famed Orange County theater.

Near the theater box office, The Storyteller sits at the end of bench excitedly telling his tale to passersby. Representing the playgoer is Herald, who sits intently watching, while Upstage/Downstage presents a stagehand leaning against a stage lighting truss.

Meadows’ work has been featured at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Modern in London.

Spatio Virtuo Teatro is located in the South Coast Repertory plaza at 655 Town Center Drive.


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