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The Harp Inn

130 E 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA, 92627


The Harp Inn is an authentic Irish pub on the westside of Costa Mesa that serves Irish food and drinks, and offers traditional and popular music, dance, and the Irish art of having the craic. Craic is a Gaelic word that has no exact English translation but its closest meaning is “fun.” For sports enthusiasts, The Harp Inn shows a wide variety of sporting events on live TV including rubgy and football (the Premier League and NFL-style).  This Costa Mesa locals bar features a large outdoor patio that looks out onto the relative seclusion of its location on a corner of 17th Street.

Food served at The Harp Inn includes appetizers such as Irish tacos and corned beef, homemade soup of the day, zucchini and fries, jalapeño poppers and Irish Nachos.  You can also get traditional Irish fare like bangers, beans and mash, shepherds pie, corned beef and cabbage.

Find beers on tap like Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Bass, Newcastle, Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Hefe Weizen, Coors Light and Magners Cider - all served in 20-ounce glasses. 

The Harp Inn serves a full range of cocktails including traditional Irish coffee with fresh whipped cream. Irish breakfast is served throughout the day. 


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