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Corona Del Mar Beach

Corona Del Mar Beach

3001 Ocean Blvd, Corona Del Mar, CA, 92652

This picture-perfect beach is favorite with locals and visitors alike. The beach is accessed through a residential neighborhood and by a short walk down from the cliffs above. A rocky jetty that leads to Newport Harbor and breathtaking cliffs above frame the half-mile sandy beach that’s open to swimming, snorkeling, picnics, bonfires and, of course, sunbathing.

Within the large Corona Del Mar beach are actually three different shorelines. Travel further south to the point of the cliffs to find Little Corona, a small cove with often mild whitewash and rocks to climb. Or, head in the opposite direction toward the jetty to climb over a few rocks to get to the secluded Pirates Cove, the perfect place the float in clam waters.

Once you’re done at the beach, trek to the top of the cliffs to catch the sunset at Lookout Point Park, which has an excellent view of the coastline.



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