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Laguna Beach


Approximately 3 million tourists visit Laguna Beach each year. One of the reasons it's such a popular tourist destination is because Laguna Beach contains more than 20 different public beaches for visitors to enjoy, including:

Main Beach - This is the largest and most obviously visible stretch of beach in Laguna Beach because it is located in the middle of town where Broadway and Ocean Avenues intersect the Coast Highway. There are two basketball courts at the north end of Main Beach, several volleyball courts, and a boardwalk extending along the length of the beach.

Crescent Bay is located at the north end of Laguna Beach where Cliff Drive intercepts North Pacific Coast Highway. This 1/4-mile long beach contains a sandy stretch with rocky areas at the north and south ends. Off the north end, a large rock about 120 yards off shore is called Seal Rock because seals and sea lions seek refuge there.

Wood's Cove - Wood's Cove and Lovers' Cove are both accessible at this beach. The beach can become very crowded on summer weekends because it's an ideal spot for diving, body surfing, fishing and exploring the tide pools.

Shaws Cove - Located at the base of Fairview Street, Shaws Cove is approximately 500 ft. long. Swimming, boogie boarding, skin diving, scuba diving, rock fishing and surf fishing are the most popular activities.

Divers Cove - This 300-ft. long beach adjoins Picnic Beach at its southern end. It's a relatively short beach where people can enjoy swimming, skin diving, scuba diving and body surfing.

Picnic Beach - Approximately 700 ft. long and located below Heisler Park, popular activities here include skin diving, scuba diving, body surfing and tide pooling.

Get your scuba equipment in Costa Mesa and then head on down to Laguna to blow some bubbles!


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