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Volcom Skate Park

Volcom Skate Park

900 Arlington Avenue, Costa Mesa, 92626



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Fairview Park

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Costa Mesa Bark Park

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Volcom Skate Park

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TeWinkle Park

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Lions Park

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Upper Newport Bay

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Orange County Great Park

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Estancia Park

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May 2018

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As the action sports capital of the US and the home of the Volcom brand, Costa Mesa is a perfect place to be the home of this skate park, sponsored by Volcom. The 24,000-square-foot park was built by the city in 2005. Skaters from around the area flock to skate on its two bowls and street elements like boxes, stairs and rails. The Volcom Skate Park was designed to include different areas that can accommodate skaters and skateboarders who have various levels of ability. 

The Vert Bowl has a type of V configuration that’s unique but still has a place in it for almost all classic maneuvers. The Large Bowl has 6, 8 and 9 ft. sections, big corners and hips. Mini Peanut is a garage size ramp that includes a whole section of rounded lip. The smaller Peanut Bowl is 4-5 ft. with mellow transitions, a roll-in section, and multiple hips and corners. The Street Section contains many classic formations including a euro-gap, a 5-stair, several rails, manny pads, banks, and some surprising challenges for people who have fancy shock absorbers.

The park hosts skating events throughout the year including the Damn Am, an amateur skateboarding competition, and other Volcom-sponsored events.



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