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BodyCentre Day Spa

801 Baker Street, Suite #E, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626


BodyCentre Day Spa and Fitness Studio has a convenient location in Costa Mesa. BodyCentre Day Spa specializes in providing various massage techniques to pamper, refresh and rejuvenate the entire body. The spa also offers skin care, colon therapy, facials, body polish and herbal wraps, laser hair removal services and medspa services including Restylane and Radiesse treatments. Only highly trained licensed therapists are allowed to work at BodyCentre Day Spa because extremely high standards have been established for the staff in order to ensure that every customer has a pleasant and relaxing experience.

BodyCentre Day Spa’s menu of skin care treatments include an express facial, a full spa facial, a European facial, a purifying deep cleansing facial, a classic Epicuren facial, a crystalline facial, and even a men’s executive facial. The spa’s licensed therapists are also trained in endermotherapy, a procedure that improves lymphatic drainage and reduces soft tissues such as fibrosis/scar tissue. This procedure improves the skin texture by eliminating long established subcutaneous fat deposits under the skin. Firming, shaping and contouring are facilitated by using Gx-99 Advanced Technology Equipment.

Techiniques used include: ARRC LED Whole Body Light Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy Bed) with RIFE Superset Function, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers-HBOT, BEMER PEMF Sessions, BOA Compression Therapy, MaxxO2 EWOT & Altitude Ascent Training, RIFE Voltage Technology, Photodynamic LED Redlight Therapy & NanoVi Cellular Repair. All in Costa Mesa, CA.

Since 1994 the BodyCentre Day Spa and BC Fitness Performance & Recovery Studio in Costa Mesa has utilized a Luxury Day Spa, Regeneration & Recovery therapies, and an athletic performance gym along with an in house Kitchen for complimentary fresh baked treats daily, fresh fruit infused water or lemon and various teas.


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