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Shopping Tips in Costa Mesa


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Fleurs de Villes - VOYAGE

Fleurs de Villes returns to South Coast Plaza with VOYAGE — a fresh floral journey of discovery and iconic global storytelling.

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You've certainly already heard about the designer shopping at South Coast Plaza and the fun, unique local and earth-friendly shopping at The LAB and The CAMP. With an eclectic collection of boutique shops and specialty food spots, as well as community events, The OC MIX is boutique shopping, culinary arts and an incredible food hall all in one. 

But where to start? You're traveling, you have limited space, and limited time (too bad)! Thankfully, in Costa Mesa you're in the shopping mecca of Orange County. From charming local boutiques to the top designer brands in the world, Costa Mesa has every kind of shopping experience you could imagine. Make the most of it with some of these travel shopping tips.


Travel is a special event for every family, and most people set aside funds especially to enjoy their vacation. While it might be convenient to carry cash to not carry a credit card balance after vacation's over, carrying cash can make you susceptible to theft or loss. Make sure to keep cash well guarded, and use your hotel safe for additional cash you may not be using that day. Use credit cards wherever possible, and keep cash for local boutique shopping where small businesses will benefit by not incurring merchant credit card charges - and might even pass on some of that savings to you! For international visitors, chip card technology allows easier international card use - also, for Chinese visitors, South Coast Plaza accepts China Pay.


If you know you are going to be doing some serious shopping, think about what you're packing ahead of time. It's a good idea to pack light, with versatile items that can be enhanced by your shopping purchases...after all, if you bought it, why not wear it right away? Pack basic colors and items that can be used with several different outfits. If you've gone crazy and bought everything in sight, it's ok...if you've packed a foldable bag in your luggage. Just check that extra bag in on the way home. 


Sometimes you find that perfect item but it's just too big to carry home with you. Don't miss out! Make sure to talk to the store regarding shipping, most stores and even local boutiques will ship items directly to your home for a modest fee. Be sure to get insurance for the item if applicable, pay with a credit card, and get an itemized receipt specifying exactly what you purchased and how it will be shipped. When you give your address, you should also give your phone number and email address to ensure there's an easy way to contact you.


For international guests doing some serious shopping, you might be required to pay some taxes on the goods you purchase. Back in your own country, your goods will have to clear customs. Make sure to check the guidelines for your home country prior to your trip, and remember those laws can change. For example, China added a new tax on goods as of August 2016. Here are some customs guidelines for Canada, China, Australia and the United Kingdom.



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