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2937 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


The CAMP, located in Costa Mesa's SoBeCa District, offers customers a nontraditional retail community in a casual and lively atmosphere. All of the stores here are health conscious or fitness related, with a strong emphasis on an active lifestyle. "Green" is everywhere, from the native vegetation to the progressive and select retailers offering their organic wares in the first-known environmentally sensitive retail campus in the United States.

Throughout the year, The CAMP hosts several educational events, art shows and exhibits to bring the community together and provide information on how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This shopping center excels in promoting health, fitness and "eco-friendliness" to their guests in several ways. "Green" is just about everywhere you turn when you visit The CAMP; it can be found as native vegetation and even as organic products offered by select retailers.

At The CAMP, you will find a variety of culinary delights for you to enjoy as an alternative to the typical restaurant experience. Native Foods offers gourmet vegetarian cuisine that gives old favorites a new taste with a health–conscious twist. Old Vine Café offers fresh, locally sourced organic cuisine in the style of southern Italy, with dinner wine pairings and an incredible Sunday brunch. If you are looking to enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, Milk+Honey is just the place for you. The CAMP also features services such as Retreat Salon, a high-quality hair salon that is committed to providing the best service, as well as an organic custom tattooing and body piercing shop, Outer Limits.

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