Sobeca District


36 Hours in the SoBECA District of Costa Mesa


The South Bristol Entertainment & Cultural Arts (SoBECA) district of Costa Mesa is a hub for modern, trendy exploration. This district might be on the smaller side, but it is packed with urban charm, local culture, and an ever-evolving atmosphere. Live music, eco-conscious shops, and craft beers are but a few of the many offerings (all within walking distance of each other, so no need to battle traffic). There is much to do, but if you need to pack it all into 36 hours, then this itinerary is for you.


The  LAB Anti-Mall is more than a shopping locale; it is an experience unto itself. While the boutique shops are a big draw, the cultural activities at the LAB (Little American Business) are what bring people back time and again. From art showings to poetry readings by local writers, from live music to seasonal festivities, the LAB is a thriving center that is the pulse of small business in Costa Mesa.

Randolph Street is the newest and upcoming area of SoBECA. It boasts several breweries, and beer enthusiasts can make a day out of sampling the beers that are brewed on site. We recommend stopping Salty Bear, Gunwhale,  and Cheek Beer Company to try out local favorites and award-winning brews. The breweries are all within walking distance of each other, separated by cool shops and eats.

The CAMP N   ook,is set up right next to the LAB and delivers an experience centered on wellness, sustainability, and an active lifestyle. They take "going green" seriously in more than one way, from the decor to the products themselves. Rather than setting up just another retail center, The CAMP aims to be intentional about mindful consumption and its impact on the environment.



Boot up or keep yourself charged with coffee from Nook, a coffee shop known for its latte art and welcoming baristas. Enjoy other indie coffee and creative spaces at WIP (Work In Progress) and Black Market Bakery.

Eastborough Vietnamese Market (also at The CAMP) mixes things up, whether you want a sit- down meal or one on the go. Don't miss the chance to take small-batch, hard-to-find wines and sakes to go as well.

Seabirds started out as a food truck, but now it's a trend-setting vegan staple with multiple locations (with one at the LAB in SoBECA). With seasonal rotations and a made-from-scratch approach, every meal is a fresh delight.

Plant-based to their core, The Plot is a vegan restaurant with a curated menu where almost every item tastes bright and delicious and is made from scratch.

Treat yourself to a unique take on Cuban dishes at Habana, a locale known for its distinctive shabby-chic candlelit atmosphere. They have a rotating menu with weekly specials served alongside craft mojitos.

Whether you need to start your day, refuel, or indulge in a meal, Rooster Café is the go-to place for breakfast or lunch for many. Their kitchen specializes in hearty American classics but with a Mexican twist

For visitors seeking a classy yet vibrant nightlife scene, Mesa is a lounge that serves up an experience to delight the senses. Expect a night filled with exquisite food, tasteful selections of music, invigorating cocktails, and a chic atmosphere.



There isn't a single shop at the LAB Anti-Mall we wouldn't recommend. But if you only have time for a couple, then stop by Red & Blue Vintage for a curated selection of clothing and decor, Eco Now for myriad products centered around sustainability, and Blends for streetwear from an up- and-coming brand.

If you have a love of nature and green life, Mellowist is a must-visit. Specializing in cacti and succulents, this indie garden shop also showcases local artists and growers. Only a few steps away is SEED Peoples Market, offering a curated, sustainability-focused selection of clothing, home goods, outdoor products, and more. Then cycle back to stop in at The Inconvenience Store, a shop that sells an eclectic range of products, from bicycle supplies to books to dried decorative flowers. Few places offer more or better options for keepsakes and mementos of your visit to Costa Mesa.

Acquire golf apparel, equipment, and tools at Quiet Golf, a flagship store that embraces a minimalist aesthetic approach to garments and accessories for this classic game.




Make your visit to Costa Mesa into an overnight stay to make the most of the city. Book a night at the Residence Inn by Mariott, which is a short walk to The LAB and The CAMP. Enjoy all the comforts of home away from home, with fully equipped kitchens, spacious rooms, and top-tier staff ready to ensure you feel welcome.

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