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Whats Your Taste

What’s Your Taste?

Costa Mesa is a foodie's paradise. With Orange County's only two Michelin-starred restaurants, 3 hotspots helmed by Bravo TV "Top Chef" alumni and an unbelievable array of cuisines. We're also known as the City of the Arts®, presenting Grammy-Award winning performers and Broadway’s hottest hits on stage at Segerstrom Center for the Arts.  What kind of foodie are you? Let us give you some great ideas to chew on for your next Eatcation®!

weekend warrior

Armed with a jam-packed itinerary, you know how to make the most of a weekend stay. You prefer to stick to your bucket list instead of striking out without a strategy. If you research before arriving and travel with a plan, you are a Weekend Warrior.

You have to try: The Country Club, Habana, We Olive & Wine Bar

culinary connoisseur

You believe the finer things in life are worth indulging in. Whether it’s a life-changing meal or a one-of-a-kind experience, you have no problem splurging on moments you will remember forever. If you prioritize quality over quantity and are willing to spend more for exclusive meals, souvenirs and events that will stay with you long after your trip, you are the Culinary Connoisseur.

You have to try: Taco María, Hana re, Knife Pleat

trendy traveler

You’re always in the know. Clued into the happenings wherever you go, you like to hit up everything from new boutiques to food festivals. If you pack an outfit for any situation, are ready to jump into a spontaneous adventure and live for new experiences, you are a Trendy Traveler.

You have to try: Populaire Modern Bistro, SOCIAL Costa Mesa, ARC Food & Libations


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