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Eating Well in the New Year: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 5, 2024 | 11:52am | Travel Costa Mesa

Eating Well in the New Year: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Eating clean and healthy is increasingly easy, particularly when eating out. Many of Costa Mesa’s eateries operate on a foundation of natural ingredients and health-centric recipes. So keeping your New Year’s resolutions for a healthier lifestyle does not need to involve staying at home eating oats and lentils. Discover new flavors, exciting recipes, and healthy eating at our top 7 places for eating well in the New Year in Costa Mesa.

Top 7 Places for Eating Well in the New Year in Costa Mesa


– photo by Seabirds

Based at The LAB Anti-Mall, Seabirds has stepped up its vegan-based food game with each passing year. The kitchen started out as a food truck but soon blossomed into three SoCal restaurant locations that are favorites of locals and visitors alike. Everything on the vegan-focused menu is made from scratch, without a hint of processed food. With each bite of your meal, you can count on it being packed with guilt-free flavor.

The Plot

– photo by The Plot

With a stated mission of making “plant-based food irresistible,” The Plot has just opened a new location in Costa Mesa that will push the boundaries of your concept of vegan eating. Beyond their healthy recipes, the establishment employs zero-waste practices and never strays from a human-centric philosophy that benefits their team, their communities, and our planet. One look at their online gallery of food is enough to convert you, and you will be driving to their place before you know it.

Fermentation Farm

– photo by Fermentation Farm

A healthy life starts with a healthy gut, and that is the focus of Fermentation Farm in Costa Mesa. With products that utilize the probiotic benefits of yeast and bacteria, they serve as a source for sustained GI health in Orange County. In addition to probiotic benefits, their other products cover your nutritional needs with vitamins, minerals, and supplements such as collagen to promote whole-body well-being.

Jan’s Health Bar

– photo by Jan’s Health Bar

Jan’s Health Bar wears its mission on its sleeve (“health” is even in the name) but maintains an air of approachability. Here, you can eat well with none of the fuss. Just thoughtful recipes that don’t give in to trendy “diets” or fads. Jan’s kitchen is here to bring her community a venue for a healthy lifestyle and a satisfied stomach without compromising on flavor and enjoyment.

Nekter Juice Bar

– photo by Nekter Juice Bar

Indulge in a flurry of fruit-based products at one of the best juiceries in Costa Mesa, Nekter Juice Bar. This local gem is ideal for anyone on the go, with the option to place orders ahead of time through their app. Or take a breather to sit down with a handcrafted acai bowl. Wrap up by taking a few healthy snacks to-go to keep you charged as you visit any of Costa Mesa’s unique neighborhoods.

Mother’s Market & Kitchen

– photo by @arshashealthyway via IG

The perfect one-stop-shop for anyone looking to keep a healthy edge to their diet in the New Year, Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa has it all. Sit down and have a meal at the cafe, or recharge with an item from the juice bar, or simply fill a cart with their health-forward groceries and enjoy a meal at home. Still, whatever your pace and goals for the day are, this place has what you need. Everything is natural, everything is organic, and everything works toward a better, healthier you.

Greenleaf Kitchen & Cocktails

– photo by Greenleaf

Making healthy dining exciting, Greenleaf was founded with a commitment to using only exceptional local ingredients. Supporting local producers is excellent, but making meals that have you returning time and again is what makes this place stand out. Indulge to your satisfaction and you will still come away healthier after it all, even after pairing your meal with a glass of carefully sourced wine or a craft cocktail. Their catering options also make them a local favorite for healthy company meals, family celebrations, and any event in between.

New Year, New Culinary Delights

Eating healthy in the New Year is an opportunity, not a restriction. Rather than being a resolution to cut things out of your diet, you can make it a path toward new experiences, new flavors, and an improved sense of well-being. Therefore, few places can facilitate healthy-yet-exciting eating like Costa Mesa, with its range of establishments built by a community dedicated to self-improvement and growth.

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