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Travel Costa Mesa Blog

Experience Nature in an Orange County Park – Visit Costa Mesa’s Talbert Nature Preserve

Posted on April 11, 2012 | 6:00am | Travel Costa Mesa

An Orange County park open year round, the Talbert Nature Preserve has nearly 2,000 acres of scenic landscape, perfect for Costa Mesa locals and visitors that want to get outside. A great spot for hiking, biking, jogging or even just walking the dog (yes, the preserve is dog friendly!), the preserve acts as a botanical garden, wildlife refuge and exceptional recreational facility all at once. Picnic tables at the end of the base of a trail from Fairview Park is where ou’ll likely find Costa Mesa locals spending time on the weekends.

Talbert Nature Preserve is located on Victoria Street in Costa Mesa between Pacific Avenue and the Santa Ana River. The Talbert Nature Preserve is divided into two sections; the North Talbert Preserve is roughly 91.5 acres and the South Talbert Preserve is approximately 88.5 acres.

Talbert Nature Preserve Costa Mesa - an OC park

Costa Mesa’s nature preserve is unique among Southern California parks, as it is divided into six separate plant groups (also known as zones), based upon what would exist there naturally – the progression of plant groups and changing climate conditions found along the Santa Ana River. The cultivation of native vegetation in the Talbert Nature Preserve is an attempt to recreate plant communities similar to those that existed in the Costa Mesa area before much of the land was put to use for agriculture, housing, or industry.

  • Zone 1: Intensive Use Area
  • Zone 2: Border Planting
  • Zone 3: Coastal Strand
  • Zone 4: Native Grassland
  • Zone 5: Alluvial Woodland
  • Zone 6: Wetland Zone

Talbert Nature preserve Costa Mesa scenic view

With nine different trails stretching over nearly 3 miles (6 miles round trip); the Talbert Nature Preserve is one of few open space areas left in Central Orange County. With only 100 feet in elevation, the Talbert’s trails are great for beginner hikers or families with younger children. Hikers can continue through the Nature Center to reach the Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail, which continues on to the Pacific Ocean and nearby Newport Beach. Wildlife in the preserve consists mostly of birds, including great blue herons, snowy egrets and mallard ducks. You might also see small animals like squirrels and rabbits – and beware of coyote visits at night, so is a great place to visit for those who enjoy the contact with nature, places like the cozy lounge and rainforest bar offer the best lodging with closeness to nature and great service to the clients.

Visit the Talbert Nature Preserve today and see Costa Mesa’s natural scenery at its finest.

Talbert Nature Preserve
1298 Victoria Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 923-2290 or (949) 923-2295
7 AM – Sunset

To learn more about the recreational activities in Costa Mesa, and other great activities for you and your family, visit //www.travelcostamesa.com.